Health Services

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Name Contact Description
Alcoholics Anonymous :800-851-1304
ARC of Amador and Calaveras :209-754-4001
Services for people with developmental disabilities
Calaveras County Mental Health Program :800-499-3030
24-Hour crisis service and Suicide Prevention
Calaveras County Substance Abuse Program :209-754-6555
Calaveras County Tobacco Prevention Program :209-754-6460 Calaveras County Public Health Department cessation Quit Kits, referrals, community coalition community campaigns and activities.
Calaveras County Tuberculosis Skin Testing Program :209-754-6460
Calaveras County Tuberculosis Skin Testing Program :209-754-6460 Calaveras County Tuberculosis Skin Testing Program
Calaveras Works and Human Services (CalWORKs) :209-754-6448 Food stamps, for income eligible families. Food boxes for people referred as in need. Food Distribution to eligible families. General Financial Assistance. MEDICal.
Cancer Support Group :209-754-2690
Changing Echoes :209-785-3667
An in-house substance-abuse service
Child Health/Disability Prevention (CHDP) :209-754-6460 County Public Health Department. Find and treat health problems in children birth to age 21
Early Start: Calaveras Early Intervention Specialist :209-736-6053 Helps families locate services for their infants and toddlers who are premature, have health problems or may be delayed in their development. A free service.
Familywize :800-222-2818
Provides free prescription discount cards
Hospice of Amador & Calaveras :209-223-5500
Provides the treatment and care ... for those nearing the end of their lives...
Hospice of the Sierra/Visiting Nurses :209-533-6800
Skilled nursing care by professional nurses, part-time in the home on referral by a doctor...
In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) :209-754-6452 Domestic services available to the disabled and elderly. Eligibility guidelines required.
Kene-Me-Wu Family Healing Center - Crisis Line :800-792-7776 Healing Families - Healing Communities - In Indian Country.
MACT - San Andreas Counseling Service, Emily Jacobs, LCSW :209-755-1450
MACT Health Board (Calaveras County) :209-754-6262
Family planning among other services for people of Native American descent and non Native American descent. Calaveras residents.
Mark Twain St. Josephs Michelle Van Fossan, R.D. :209-754-2530 Nutritional and dietitian counseling with a physician's referral
Movers and Shakers :209-296-2575 Parkinsons and other Neurological disorders support group
National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities :800-695-0285
Outlook (A WATCH Program) :209-736-9146 A day program with classes on life skills for the handicapped. Library services for the Blind and Dyslexia.
Poison Control :800-222-1222
Sheriff, Fire Department, Ambulance :911 - Emergency Only
Soroptimist International :209-736-1947
Touching Lives Program provides financial assistance to ease burden of unmet medically related needs
Stop Smoking :209-223-6638
UC Cooperative Extension :209-754-6477 Nutrition education, 4H, Master Gardener, Agricultural Education & Natural Resources Programs
UC Davis M.I.N.D Institute :916-703-0280 The ultimate goal of the institute is to find a cause, effective treatments and cures for neurodevelopmental disorders. A referral is needed.
Valerie Olson MBA, CTRS :209-795-2599 Fun, Fit, & Fab (Health Coaching/Weight Control/Recreation Therapy/Senior Support)
Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC) :209-754-1871 Evaluation, screening, and assistance for developmental disabilities.
WATCH Program :209-533-0510 Provides supportive housing, vocational, educational, recreational, and transportation services to adults with developmental disabilities.
The Resource Connection WIC Program :209-223-7685
Provides nutrition and education programs for pregnant women and mothers of infants and toddlers (birth to 5)
Acupuncture & Wellness Center of Angels Camp :209-736-1780
Barbara Hall MA, LMFT :209-770-1965
Holistic Psychotherapy
Christa Rypins :209-559-1969 Intelligent Body Studio, Daily Classes/all levels
Debbie Colston, GIA :209-588-9685
Wellness Independent Consultant
Eartheart Enterprises :209-728-9432
John Adams, Dr. Rhoda Nussbaum, Cheryl Canfield
Eugene A. Alliende, MA, MFT :209-223-9500 Traditional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Meditation Groups/ Classes
Global Healing Arts :209-223-3803 Carolini DuCray, CMT - A Community Healing Center For Body, Mind and Spirit. Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Deep Tissue Massage
Jacque Walters - Branton Life Expressions, Inc. :209-296-1620
Janice Goranson, CMT :209-743-5998 Tranquility Massage and Skin Care
Johanna Atman PhD, CMT, Whole Life Therapies :209-728-3569 Massage Therapy/ Bodywork CranioSacral Therapy, Colorpuncture Inner Work for Healing and Personal Growth Flower Essences and Essential Oils
Karin Lubin, Ed.D, Quantum Leap Coaching :209-795-3127
Mary-Sevika Hackworth, RN :209-256-2844 Integrative Yoga Therapy, Tri-Yoga and T'ai Chi Classes/Workshops, Behavioral Therapies
My Birth Connection: Brandy Astwood :209-304-8495
Holistic childbirth education, prenatal stop smoking program, Doula care, infant massage class, FREE prenatal fitness program, belly casting, placenta encapsulation, prenatal massage...
Patricia J. Noll :209-223-2530 Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
Patty Miles :209-728-8212 Yoga Studio Daily Classes/all levels
Prabhu Mayo, Holistic Healing :209-795-2685
Sheila Gradison, CMT :209-736-9304 Balancing Through Touch and Movement Traeger, Egoscue Method
Steven Alpern, LAc :209-536-9433
Susan McMorris Wellness by Choice :209-293-2272
Wellness Consultant and Meridian Tapping Technique Practitioner/Trainer
Valerie Olson, MBA, CTRS :209-795-2599
Fun, Fit, & Fab (Health Coaching /Weight Control/ Recreation Therapy /Senior Support)
Andrea Sullivan, DC :209-727-4775 Inner Balance Sports Chiropractic
Armin Kendig, DC :209-223-CARE
Wellness Center Albert Vick, DC :209-795-1470
Calaveras Childrens Dental Project :209-608-0335 A school based program for children and a program for pregnant women. Provides dental check-ups and cleanings.
Forest Road Health and Wellness Dental Services :209-536-5140
MACT Health Board (Jackson Rancheria Dental) :209-257-2460
Medi-Cal Dentists Referral / Denti-Cal :800-322-6384
San Joaquin Dental Society, Stockton :209-951-1311 Referrals to dentists in San Joaquin, Calaveras and Tuolumne counties
Shannon Russell, DDS :209-795-1535
State of California Services Access Dental Plan, Inc. :800-707-6453
Athena Tylan, MD :209-772-9538
Donovan Teel, MD :209-532-9128 MediCal for Pregnancy Only
Lawrence Brunel, MD :209-532-5121 MediCal for pregnancy only.
Petre Motiu, MD :209-754-1165 MediCal for pregnancy only
SRMC Angels Camp Family Medical Center :209-736-0249 Everardo Lopez, MD
SRMC Arnold Family Medical Center :209-795-1270 Dolly Jacobs, NP and Soni Andreini, MD
Acupuncture & Wellness Center of Angels Camp :209-736-1780
Amador Indian Health Clinic :209-257-2400
Angels Camp Medical Clinic :209-736-0813
Arnold Family Medical Center :209-795-1270
Arnold Medical Clinic :209-795-4488
Center for Holistic Medicine, Columbia :209-588-8900
Copperopolis Family Medical Center :209-785-7000
Copperopolis Family Medical Center :209-785-7000
Copperopolis Family Medical Center :Website
Forest Road Primary Care Clinic :209-536-5100
Global Healing Arts :209-223-3803 Carolini DuCray, CMT - A Community Healing Center For Body, Mind and Spirit. Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Deep Tissue Massage
Mind Matters :209-728-2184 A Comprehensive Treatment Center serving families affected by ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities. Offers workshops and classes to educate.
Motherlode Holistic Connection :209-304-8495
A Community Wellness Center located in historic downtown Jackson offering massage, hypnosis, childbirth education, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meridian Tapping and more
Oakview Health Center, Bone Density :209-754-5374
San Andreas Community Medical Center :209-755-1400 Free and low cost medical services for children and adults. Prenatal care.
Stockton Pregnancy Control Clinic :209-465-5655 Pregnancy counseling, testing, birth control information, abortions. Medi-Cal insurance accepted.
Tuolumne Indian Health Center :209-533-9600
Valley Springs Center for Integrative Medicine :209-772-8906
Valley Springs Family Medical Center :209-772-9538
Valley Springs Family Medical Center :209-772-9538
Valley Springs Family Medical Center :Website
Amador County Public Health Department :209-223-6407
Calaveras County Public Health Department :209-754-6460 Provides many community health services and information...
Tuolumne County Public Health Department :209-533-7401
Mark Twain St. Josephs Hospital :209-754-3521
Sonora Regional Medical Center :209-532-5000
St. Joseph's Medical Center (Stockton) :209-943-2000
Sutter Amador Hospital :209-223-7500
Lions Club (Ken Bourgault) :209-728-9100 Helps with cost of eyeglasses based on funds and circumstances
Sierra Eye Care, Valley Springs :209-772-9798 Medi-Cal accepted only on Fridays and only for children
Sierra Eye Center :209-736-6760 Medi-Cal accepted by physician referral only
Sonora Vision Center :209-533-2550
American Cancer Society :800-227-2345
American Diabetes Association :800-DIABETES (342-2383)
American Kidney Fund Information Line :800-638-8299
American Liver Foundation :800-223-0179
American Stroke Center and Network :800-553-6321
Arthritis Foundation :800-283-7800
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America :800-727-8462
Better Hearing Institute :800-372-9355
Brain Injury Center :800-444-6443
California Child Care Health Line :California Child Care Health Line
Cancer Information Service :800-422-6237
Children's Craniofacial Association :800-535-3643
Cleft Palate Foundation :800-24-CLEFT (242-5338)
Council of Citizens with Low Vision INT :800-733-2258
Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America :800-343-3637
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation :800-344-4823
Easter Seal Superior California :209-957-3625 Licensed rehabilitation center providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy, loaned equipment for children and adults with disabilities.
Endometriosis Association :800-992-3636
Epilepsy Foundation of America :800-332-1000
Healthy Families Information Line :800-880-5305 Information on state health coverage for children, including Medi-Cal and the new Healthy Families Program
Hear Now-National Hearing Aid Bank :800-648-HEAR (648-4327)
Huntington's Disease Society :800-345-4372
Infant Development Association of California (IDA) :916-453-8801
International Dyslexia Association :800-222-3123
International Hearing Society/Hearing Aid Helpline :800-521-5247
Juvenile Diabetes Association :800-533-CURE (533-2873)
Lupus Foundation Information Line :800-558-0121
Multiple Sclerosis 24-hr Information Line :800-833-4672
Myasthenia Gravis Foundation :800-541-5454
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill :800-950-NAMI (950-6264)
National Center for Disease Control :800-CDC-INFO (232-4636)
For disease prevention and treatment. National AIDS Hotline
National Down Syndrome Congress :800-232-NDSC (232-6372)
National Down Syndrome Society :800-221-4602
National Easter Seal Society :800-221-6827
National Health Information Center :800-336-4797
National Hospice Organization Help Line :800-658-8898
National Kidney Fund :800-622-9010
National Organization of Rare Disorders :800-999-6673
National Organization on Disability :646-505-1191
National Rehabilitation Information Center :800-34-NARIC (346-2742)
National Spasmodic Torticollis Association :800-487-8385
National Spinal Cord Injury Association :800-962-9629
National Tuberous Sclerocis Association :800-225-NTSA (225-6872)
Services for the Blind and Handicapped :800-424-8567
Social Security & Medicare Eligibility :800-772-1213
Spina Bifida Association :800-621-3141
Stuttering Foundation of America :800-992-9392
Tourette's Syndrome Association :800-237-0717
United Cerebral Palsy :800-872-5827
United Leukodystrophy Foundation :800-728-5483
United Ostomy Association :800-826-0826
Zero to Three :800-899-4301